I went to a lot of stores and tried a ton of beds but when I went to Snooze Mattress they were able to pressure map me.  The best bed for my body was the LuxeAdapt.  I knew that it was the right bed for me.  I have a lot of medical issues and this is the best pressure relief and the most conforming bed.

Gracie S

LuxeAdapt Soft


This is a great quality mattress.  The mattress.  will adapt to the contour of your body in seconds.  This is the third mattress that I have bought from Tempur-Pedic.  The technology and the quality keep improving.

Noah P

ProAdapt Firm


The mattress is unbelelivably comfortable but living in hot weather, the cooling has been a game changer for us.  It has allowed us to get a much better night's sleep

Sara E

LUXEbreeze Soft